Cactusverify Intro

Introduction to Cactusverify
Cactusverify is an identity verification software to verify customers within seconds. Its features can help companies or individuals quickly identify and verify clients remotely using cutting-edge technology. Users can operate the tool from our dashboard or easily integrate it into any communication channel. Our tool's seamless authentication does not require sophisticated hardware such as infrared cameras. As a result, it is fast, easy, and incredibly secure for everyone, regardless of their device (+10 Billion Smart Devices & Webcams). To achieve all the safety objectives, it uses biometrics and liveness detection to ensure everyone enrolled in a system is precisely who they say they are.

Industries and Use Cases

Whether you operate in Retail and eCommerce, Gambling, Financial Services or any other business sector, our tool can help you customize verification links according to your needs and start authenticating your customers. If you have any kind of communication channel, that means you can
  • Hiring Freelancers - Any online entrepreneur can benefit from a freelancer’s help. But, the challenge is to make sure that the freelancer you work with is an authentic person that you can trust with your business-related tasks. Generate an instant verification link, send it to the freelancers, and verify them in a matter of seconds.
    Build trust with your prospects
    Quickly generate the verification link
    Reduce abandonment during checkout
  • Ranting out an apartment - There are many aspects to be taken care of while renting out your apartment. You need to know your prospective tenant’s rental history and verify them before letting these people into your property. Verify prospective tenants by generating a quick verification link and ensure you find a person you trust to rent out your home.
    Build trust with your prospects
    Make sure you deal with real people
    Quickly generate verification link
  • Leasing an apartment - Finding a new apartment is challenging. Alongside thousands of small details, you should make sure that you trust the landlord you want to rent an apartment from, especially if you’re moving to a new city. Online websites are full of scammers trying their best to take care of your situation. Verify your potential landlords by generating a quick verification link and make sure you find a place that fully fits your needs.
    Gain trust from your landlord
    Make sure you deal with real people
    Quickly generate verification link
  • Buy or sell an apartment - Online Marketplaces can be an interesting place to buy or sell new products. However, there is always a high risk for fraudulent cases. Sellers might be scammers who list products online that don’t actually exist, increasing the chances for customers to be ripped off. Generate an instant verification link and verify anyone you deal with online to make sure that the products you buy are authentic and valuable.
    Make sure you deal with real people
    Build trust with your prospects
    Create your business authority online
  • Checking Social Profiles - Identifying social profiles can be challenging. Unfortunately, some online communities let users create accounts that are not linked to their identities. This is what causes problems in an online world for individuals to have online friends and businesses that create authority on social media. Quickly check your followers and online friends to make sure that they are not Bots & Trolls and proceed with further steps more effectively.
    Avoid being catfished
    Make sure you deal with real people
    Quickly generate verification link
  • One Time Contract - Lots of deals are being made in an online world. In almost all cases, it is essential to create a one-time contract and build trust in that way with your potential partners. Generate an instant verification link, send it to your potential partners, and make sure that your partnership is built on trust and understanding.
    Build trust with your prospects
    Reduce abandonment during checkout
    Quickly generate verification link
  • Find Childcare - The process of finding a reliable person for childcare can be exhausting. Trust is the main component that plays a major role in this process. Create an instant verification link and speed up the interview process by filtering out potential candidates with the help of our tools.
    Make sure you deal with real people
    Build trust with people you want to work with
    Quickly generate verification link

Seamless Authentication

Three simple steps should be followed to identify and verify a client:
  1. 1.
    Perform liveness detection to ensure that the person behind the online account is physically present.
  2. 2.
    Take a photo or upload the front and back of a government-issued ID with a smartphone or webcam.
  3. 3.
    Take a selfie to prove the photo ID belongs to the same client who passed a liveness detection check and took a selfie.

Liveness Detection

  • Liveness Detection is a crucial element for client authentication. Liveness Detection is AI that determines if a computer is interacting with a live human and not an inanimate spoof artifact.
  • Only certified Liveness Detection guarantees a high-security level. It prevents bots and bad actors from using photos, videos, deepfake puppets, masks, dolls, biometric bypass and camera feed or video injunctions.
  • Cactusverify uses 3D Algorithm for Liveness Detection because 3D face-mapping contains 100 times more data points than a 2D photo and is required to accurately recognize the correct user’s face concurrently verifying their human liveness.
  • The majority of 2D liveness detections can be easily fooled. Asking a user to blink, smile or nod their head can all be replicated using photos, video playbacks, masks, and even AI models. These methods can bypass virtually all liveness check systems, especially when it comes to the digital onboarding process.

Document Verification

  • Cactusverify deep learning algorithms automatically recognize the document model, including the document type, issuing country, and exact data of every ID with a machine-readable zone (MRZ).
  • We use AI-based OCR technology to read text from the machine-readable zone (MRZ) following ICAO standards. To ensure that the data is correct, we automatically check the MRZ checksum during the scanning process. If correct, the MRZ text is decoded to personal data. The whole process happens in a matter of seconds.

Biometric Identification

  • To prove that the photo ID belongs to the person in front of the camera, Cactusverify creates a 2D photo of a user from a 3D Facemap and matches it to the user’s photo ID.
  • The precision of face match outcomes is measured by false acceptance rates (the FAR).
  • Cactusverify match Levels & associated probabilities:
    • Match Level 7 - 1/500,000 FAR
    • Match Level 6 - 1/100,000 FAR
    • Match Level 5 - 1/10,000 FAR
    • Match Level 4 - 1/1,000 FAR
    • Match Level 3 - 1/500 FAR
    • Match Level 2 - 1/250 FAR
    • Match Level 1 - 1/100 FAR
    • Match Level 0 - Non-match


  • Cactusverify helps to meet KYC and compliance requirements incredibly fast. A sophisticated dashboard and easy integration of third-party solutions (e.g. Comply Advantage) guarantee achieve AML compliance.
  • The dashboard has the following features:
    • Flow customization
    • Easy data transfer from any existing CRM
    • API integration
    • Client card event triggers
    • Manual & Automatic Client data set screening
    • Regulatory reporting tools
    • Manual document validation
    • Client investigation assign

Easy and Fast Integration

  • Cactusverify provides a variety of options (e.g. API, SDK) to effortlessly make client identification/verification solutions an integral part of your business flow.
  • Plug and play customization
  • Marketplace integration (e.g. Slack, Shopify, etc.)
  • Form builder
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